Activity Notification and Approvals

This form allows you to provide the information required by your District Commissioner to approve an activity. You should complete this form at least 7 days before the event.
This form also allows you to provide the written risk assessments required by your District Commissioner however they are not required.

This form also enables a nights away permit holder to notify the District Commissioner of an event (in line with POR 9.57n).

Event Information

Nights Away
Please indicate whether this is a nights away event or not.

Event Venue

Please check the Prohibited and Restricted Areas Camping Directory on to ensure your site does not fall within a restricted area.

Event Leadership Information

The email addresses provided here are only used to provide you with a copy of the form and for the District Commisioner to contact you about your notification.

Permit Holder

The permit holder who issues the event passport is responsible for the Nights Away event and for ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the young people throughout.

Event Leader


Other Adults

Please list those attending aged 18 and over.

Planning and Approvals

As part of the planning and preparation for the activity the following documentation should be in place:
  • attendance information
  • medical and emergency contact information for attendees
  • InTouch system
  • written risk assessments

You are not required to provide all of this information to your Commissioner with this form, but should be available upon request by the Commissioner or their delegate.
(optional) Please list those requiring permits or qualifications, providing details of the activity leader or provider.
Please provide details of your InTouch system and the main contacts in the event of an emergency.

Risk Assessment

You must make your GSL/DESC aware of the event.